Q2403B Q2406A Q2406B Wavecom GSM module

Q2403B Q2406A Q2406B Wavecom GSM module

Model No.︰ Q2406B

Brand Name︰WaveCom

Country of Origin︰France

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰10 pc

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Product Description

sirra wireless
Wavecom Q2406A GSM communication module
Product characteristic
Double frequency GSM/GPRS MODEM module
Carries out ETSI GSM the Phase 2+ standard
class 4 (2W @ 900MHz)
class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900MHz);
Exterior 3V/5V SIM
(supports class10), downloads 53.6.kbits/s, on passes on 26.8kbits/s
The data link asynchronous transmission and synchronization may reach 14,,400 bits/s
Automatic facsimile group3 (class 1&2)
Telephone conversation and facsimile transformation
IrDA 1.2A agreement
Power supply
3,6VDC 1A
In correspondence average 300mA (0%DTX, Pmax)
When free time 3.5mA
Outside measurement: 58*32*6mm
Weight: 20g (including shield)
SMS service
Point-to-point MT&MO
SMS cell broadcast
Reply call information
Attachment service
Call forwarding
Multi-party MPTY
The call limits
Telephone directory
Fixed number call
The call waits for or the maintenance
Call line authentication
Records the expense
Infrared SIM data transmission
Echo cancellation
SIM tool bag
SIM lock
Basic characteristic
Telephone conversation or emergency call
Maximum speed,: promotion maximum speed and half speed rate
Double sound multi- frequencies function (DTMF)
A5/1&A5/5 encryption algorithm
Data characteristic
Sole antenna connection (for 900/1800)
SIM 3V/5V and SIM examination
Real-time clock
In order to grasp the equipment design
I/O connection
4 parallel connection
Parallel LCD connection
I2C bus
10 outputs lines for 5*5 keyboard
2 microphones inputs and 2 earphones output
The buzzer outputs
Power source connection
For data manipulation
RS232C string mouth line
Through AT command control
Baud rate from 300 to 115,200 bits/s
Automatic speed from 2,,400 to 19,,200 bits/s

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